\\-------------------------------ABOUT US------------------------------- //


We are a small yet tight group of people who are very open, honest, loyal, trustworthy, and dedicated individuals ranging in all ages.  We have been active for 5 years.  Our Clan Birthday was in August 2007.  We are originally derived from the merging of 2 clans years ago named ERG (Emperor's Royal Guards) and SmS (Surf Mob Squad.)  Crackhead, leader of ERG and Blade[KK] leader of SmS decided after a year or 2 of playing together, becoming great friends and like brothers to get the families together, and since then have been a known name among many.  Our Family is spread across a couple games, namely Jedi Knight II  and City of Heroes, and Unreal Tournement.


Our main point of Communication is through Teamspeak as well as our Message Boards and X-fire. 

Due to SpamBots, the message boards require an authorization code to join, so please feel free to click on the contact us link to the left to receive the Authorization Code to join the Message Board.

If you Like what you see and want to join our family, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

All new recruits go through a 30 day probation period to make sure that you like the community and the community likes you back.



Crackead & Blade[KK]